April 14, 2016–Our critics’ favorite Alaska books of the year (APC’s April 2016 speaker lauded in 12/13/15 article)

Editor’s note: Every week, David A. James and Nancy Lord have reviewed books by Alaska authors or about the 49th state. They have not, they’ll be quick to tell you, read every Alaska book published over the last year or so. Consequently, they recoil at the idea of a top 10 list of Alaska books.

What follows instead is a short piece by each author, touching on some of their favorites. It’s neither comprehensive nor definitive. But it may prove useful to readers looking for Alaska books as holiday gifts or for suggestions of worthy books they may have missed. And there’s no doubt that Nancy and David read more Alaska books than most of us. 

Excerpt: A close second was “Rhythm of the Wild: A Life Inspired by Denali National Park” by Alaskan author Kim Heacox. It’s the story of how the author found Alaska and thus himself in the state’s best-known park. While Denali serves as base camp and provides the landscape for much of what he writes here, Heacox’s mind wanders widely over politics, environmental crises, personal philosophy and how one can escape the world by diving into the wilderness, only to find that world hot on one’s hiking boots. This book does with Denali what Edward Abbey’s “Desert Solitaire” did with Arches National Park, showing how freedom and wilderness are bound together, and how the loss of one is both caused by and leads to the destruction of the other.

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Feb. 4, 2016–Sarah Leonard–Marketing Alaska’s Travel Industry in a Climate of Diminishing Funds

Sarah Leonard is the President & CEO of the Alaska Travel Industry Association – the state’s leading membership trade association for the travel industry in Alaska. Sarah has an extensive educational and professional background in tourism management with a Master’s of Science (MS) degree in recreation management and tourism from Arizona State University. She earned her Bachelor of Art’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Journalism with a special emphasis in public relations.

Sarah joined ATIA after serving in senior philanthropy positions for early education and conservation nonprofits in Alaska. She has been involved in promoting Alaska’s wildlife, cultural and natural resources for over a decade through her time as the Statewide Watchable Wildlife Coordinator for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and as the Executive Director of the Alaska Wilderness Recreation and Tourism Association (AWRTA). Ms. Leonard also was one of the founding leaders in Adventure Green Alaska, an Alaska-based certificate program designed to highlight environmentally friendly tourism practices in response to increased consumer demand.

Sarah Leonard

Sarah Leonard