Nov. 2013–World School–Mary Katzke

In 2010 Mary Katzke and her 10-year-old son, Corin, sold all their worldly possession and bought one-way tickets to Ireland. It was just the beginning of a world-class adventure. Twenty-eight countries and a world education later, Katzke and her son share their adventures in the documentary “World School.” Cruise ships, bicycles, airplanes and almost every form of transportation available carried them around the globe. Corin says his favorite places were Dubai and China, “…it’s like being in school, and being teleported to the places in your textbook.”

Kids grow up so quickly and there is no getting that time back,” said Mary Katzke. “Family travel allows both education, and the chance to savor this precious time.”

Cover of Mary Katzke's World School

Cover of Mary Katzke’s World School