Feb. 1, 2018–David G. Brown–Writing and Marketing a Book; Now is the Time to Ask and How I Choose My Book Topics

David G. Brown grew up and worked in Woonsocket, RI. He is the father of two sons, has two grandchildren, and lives with his significant better half, Maureen Hanlon. An avid reader and writer, he credits the Creative Writing program at Cuesta College (CA) and the Alaska Writers Guild for advancing his writing career. Brown freelanced for The Woonsocket Call, Castro Valley Forum (CA), and Edible East Bay (CA). He is the author of a true crime book, Deacon’s Crossbow, and his current writing project is a historical novel, Return of the Free Faller. Extra-curricular activities include politricks (disliking it), sports (especially fishing), music, creative writing workshops, and spending as much time as possible with his dog, Kaya. He resides in Anchorage, Alaska.
Brown received the Alaska Writers Guild’s 2012 Writer’s Achievement Award.

(From the back cover of David G. Brown’s latest book, Shadowing Dizzy Gillespie, 2017) In celebration of Dizzy Gillespie’s 100th birthday, author David G. Brown (Deacon’s Crossbow) shares his intimate experiences and memoirs of this humanitarian, innovator, and magical musician. After a chance meeting in Georgetown, 1985, Brown had the opportunity to spend countless hours with Dizzy at performances, testimonials, all-night card-playing sessions, hotels, restaurants, and street corners.
Brown said, “Without question the most remarkable man I have ever met. We shared tears and gut-busting laughs that are etched in my mind forever. God Bless John Birks ‘Dizzy’ Gillespie, who, by the way, wasn’t dizzy at all.”

Along with a book-load of anecdotes, there are select and unique photos spread throughout.

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David Brown