Jan. 7, 2016–Blythe Campbell–The Secret of Invisibility: How to be a Great Ghostwriter Without Losing Your Voice

Ghostwriting’s not confined to celebrity memoirs. Executives, politicians, and thought leaders in every industry use ghostwriters to help them communicate better. From a memo about the company picnic to a speech for the Rotary Club to an industry white paper, the products of ghostwriters and their clients get results – motivated employees, business connections, brand awareness, positive public opinion, even votes.

In this fast-paced session, you’ll learn specific techniques to capture your subject’s voice, organize their thoughts, and get the results they want. Whether you’re ghostwriting in a corporate setting, or freelancing as a ghostwriter, you’ll get valuable tips on building trust with your clients, digging down to uncover their real goals and concerns, and working with busy, impatient leaders. You’ll also learn about the ethics of ghostwriting through real-life case studies and examples.

Having your name on the byline isn’t necessary to have a rewarding career as a writer. Ghostwriting has unique rewards – you still see your writing in print (or hear it spoken aloud), but when you develop a close relationship with your client, you can influence the content of the piece and even, over time, that person’s thinking.

Blythe Campbell has been ghostwriting for CEOs and other senior leaders over a 30-year career in communications and marketing. She’s written memos, opinion pieces, letters to the editor, legislative testimony, white papers, speeches and more – both as a freelancer and in a corporate setting. She has worked in the engineering, telecommunications, energy and finance industries, and is currently working for NANA Development Corporation, a $1.5 billion subsidiary of one of Alaska’s 13 Alaska Native Regional Corporations. Blythe founded Northrim Bank’s Alaskanomics blog (www.Alaskanomics.com) and is now a guest author.

Follow Blythe’s professional Twitter account @BlytheCampbell. In her personal life, Blythe pursues a number of Martha Stewart-esque activities, including cooking, gardening and sewing, tweeting from @blytheak.

Blythe Campbell

Blythe Campbell