June 6, 2019 — Tom Clancy Thriller Author Marc Cameron — Story First — Writing Down to the Bone

Cameron was given the honor to continue the popular Tom Clancy line of book thrillers. Tom Clancy Oath of Office made the New York Times bestseller list in 2018, and Tom Clancy Code of Honor is anticipated in November.

Cameron is a master thriller writer. Details in his books stem from nearly three decades in law enforcement, serving as a policeman, SWAT officer, detective, and U.S. Marshal. His newly published book is Open Carry, a series debut of his new Arliss Cutter Novels, set in the Alaska wilderness. Arliss Cutter, like Cameron himself, is a professional tracker whose unique skills provide survival capabilities and psychological insights that offer advantages superior to those acquired in traditional law enforcement backgrounds.

Cameron will discuss the use of untouched wilderness in creating spooky settings. Characteristics of the Alaska wilderness that lend themselves to thriller novels are the isolation, the unforgiving terrain, the potentially deadly animals lurking in wait, and the possibility of vanishing without a trace.

Photo of Marc Cameron

Marc Cameron (photo by Vicky Otte)