April 2, 2020 — Stephanie Thornton — Retelling the Stories of History’s Forgotten Women

Stephanie Thornton has been obsessed with the stories of history’s women since she was twelve. Her most recent novel, And They Called It Camelot, has been called an “unforgettable portrait of the life of Jackie Kennedy: the beloved wife, mother, and First Lady who transformed herself into an American legend.”

Thornton’s USA Today bestselling novel, American Princess, reimagines the ninety-six year life of Theodore Roosevelt’s gum-chewing, cigarette-smoking, poker-playing daughter Alice as she uses her celebrity to become Washington’s Other Monument.

Thornton is also the critically acclaimed author of four novels about historical women set in the ancient world: The Secret History, Daughter of the Gods, The Tiger Queens, and The Conqueror’s Wife. She is a high school history teacher by day and lives in Eagle River with her husband and daughter, where she spends her free time running, traveling, and baking.

Stephanie Thornton

Photo of Stephanie Thornton