Feb. 7, 2019–Adrienne Lindholm–How Nature and Writing Help Us Make Sense of the World

Adrienne Lindholm is a writer, speaker, and mother who lives in Eagle River, Alaska. She’s the author of several books on backpacking, and her stories and essays have appeared in a variety of magazines and journals.

Released in August 2018, her newest book, It Happened Like This, is a coming-of-age memoir that Outside Magazine calls one of the “best new adventure books.”

Adrienne also oversees the Wilderness Stewardship Program for the National Park Service in Alaska. She believes it is the wildest places that inspire us to be our best selves, that provide refuge from the stresses of our fast-paced society, and that remind us of the value of humility and interconnectedness.

Learn more about Adrienne and her new book at www.adriennelindholm.com.

Photo of Adrienne Lindholm
Adrienne Lindholm