March 2, 2017–Frank Soos–The Facts of the Matter: How Facts and Values Matter in Our Communication

Frank Soos moved to Alaska in 1986 and taught at the University of Alaska from then until 2004. As an educator and award-winning writer, he is a Professor Emeritus for the University of Alaska Fairbanks and an Alaska State Writer Laureate.

Described by the Alaska Historical Society as a natural promoter of literary arts and artists, Soos is a prolific writer of both poetry and prose. Many books of his have been published, including Unpleasantries that was just released by the University of Washington Press.

His book Double Moon: Constructions and Conversations, is a collection of mini-essays in collaboration with the work of his wife, visual artist Margo Klass.

Soos enjoys cross-country skiing in winter, and fly fishing and biking during the Alaska summers.

He challenges us to consider that how we communicate, and what we do with our lives, is important and meaningful.

Frank Soos’ Presentation 03-02-17

Frank Soos

Frank Soos