April 2, 2015–Finding Bethany–Glen Klinkhart

In my long list of accomplishments, the first and foremost role in my life is to be the best father I can possibly be to my son. He is a wonderful gift in my life and he has helped me to understand what it truly means to be a dad. He has been an inspiration and a motivating force in my life ever since his was born. There are very few things in my life of which I am completely certain of, and at the top of the list is my unwavering love for him.

Author writer I never set out to be a writer. I never attended  a writing class, nor have I ever harbored any deep desire to write the next great American novel. For many years my writing was, in fact, standard, boring, law enforcement reports such as, “I exited my police vehicle and made visual and verbal contact with the driver of the 2005 Ford Explorer.” I know, extremely riveting stuff.  It wasn’t until I realized the need to help parents in the police department’s Cybercrime Unit about ways to keep their kids safe on the Internet that I decided to write my first book on Internet child safety. It was only later, after prompting from friends, family, and people touched by terrible tragedies, did I decide to take a crack at writing my own true crime memoir. My four year journey included writing, rewriting, editing, and working hard to create something worthy of myself, my family, and the many victims of crime. Ultimately I am proud of my book, “Finding Bethany“, and I hope readers will experience the story as being something less about solving murders and more about the journey of discovering the connections we have with our past, our present, with each other.

Glen is also a CEO, detective, designer, and friend. Find out more about Glen at his website.


Glen Klinkart

Glen Klinkhart