May 3, 2012–Teacher at Mirror Lake Middle School – Recipient of the 2011 Mayor’s Youth Arts Award–Emily Blahous

Emily Blauhous has been a teacher in the Anchorage School District for over thirty years and has been at MirrorĀ Lake since the school opened 15 years ago. She teaches piano keyboarding classes to music students and is the leader and mentor of a group of students who produce an present daily closed circuit news of the day within the school.

She began a collaboration with Augie Hebert, television and radio pioneer in Alaska, shortly after the school opened. This collaboration grew into a School Business partnership with Channel 11, which has provided professional training and mentoring for middle school students. Several years ago, also through the impetus of Augie Hebert, Mirror Lake Middle School became the only school in Alaska to broadcast over a low power FM station to the school’s neighboring community.

Radio Station Students--Photo by Chris Arend

Radio Station Students–Photo by Chris Arend