Bicentennial Writing Project (History)

Compiled in 2001 by Pat Richardson, Historian

In the 1970s, APW sponsored a writing project to raise money for the treasury. Members wrote weekly features on historical people for publication in The Great Lander newspaper. The publisher paid $50 per article. Half of the payment went into Alaska Press Women’s treasury and half went to the author.

According to Treasurer Martha Chastain’s records, 24 articles were published in 1971, 23 in 1972, and three in 1973. The first series featured people who had geographical features named for them and the second series featured territorial pioneers.

The project was so successful that the organization launched another series in 1975-76 for the Nation’s Bicentennial celebration. The Anchorage Bicentennial Commission endorsed the project, and the State of Alaska awarded APW a commendation for it in 1976.