Luncheon Speakers

Feb. 4, 2016–Sarah Leonard–Marketing Alaska’s Travel Industry in a Climate of Diminishing Funds

Sarah Leonard is the President & CEO of the Alaska Travel Industry Association – the state’s leading membership trade association for the travel industry in Alaska. Sarah has an extensive educational and professional background in tourism management with a Master’s of Science (MS) degree in recreation management and tourism from Arizona State University. She earned […]

Jan. 7, 2016–Blythe Campbell–The Secret of Invisibility: How to be a Great Ghostwriter Without Losing Your Voice

Ghostwriting’s not confined to celebrity memoirs. Executives, politicians, and thought leaders in every industry use ghostwriters to help them communicate better. From a memo about the company picnic to a speech for the Rotary Club to an industry white paper, the products of ghostwriters and their clients get results – motivated employees, business connections, brand awareness, positive public opinion, […]

Dec. 3, 2015–Chris Thompson-Anchorage Columnist and Blogger on Religion in Anchorage

During a sales and marketing career in high tech, Chris’ interest in religion was rekindled by a recommendation from a friend of his sister to investigate liberation theology. She further suggested he might benefit from participating in annual joint conventions of the American Academy of Religion and Society for Biblical Literature. This exposed him to […]