Jan. 9, 2020 — Erik Hill — A Photojournalism Journey

Photojournalist Erik Hill, who retired in 2017 after a 33-year career with the Anchorage Daily News and Alaska Dispatch, will share images and discuss the field of photojournalism. Before arriving in Anchorage in 1984, he worked at The Kansas City Star as well as in Jacksonville, Florida, and Charleston, West Virginia. Erik is originally from […]

Dec. 5, 2019 — Kaylene Johnson-Sullivan — Hybrid Publishing and Other Trends in Making Books

A wide variety of options now exist between traditional publishing and self-publishing books. Kaylene Johnson-Sullivan has been published by traditional publishers and a university press. She has also been commissioned to write books for others. In the process, she formed a small, specialty publishing company, Ember Press, which has published eight books through grants from […]

Nov. 7, 2019 — Kate Troll — Alaska Moving Beyond Oil

The world is moving beyond oil. By looking back at where Alaska’s economy has come since the pipeline boom started; noting new industries and growth within Alaska’s core industries, Kate Troll makes the case that Alaskans need not fear this shift in global energy policy. She also examines the ongoing clean energy economy and discusses […]