Sept. 1, 2011, Three Cups of Tea, and the power of one–Jerene Mortenson

Jerene Mortenson tells the story of her son Greg’s book, Three Cups of Tea, and the power of one. She was an elementary school principal when her son Greg was trying to raise money for a school in Korphe, Pakistan. Her students collected $623.45 in pennies, and the Pennies for Peace program began. Thousands of […]

April 7, 2011–Reporting the news for a weekly newspaper–Naomi Klouda

Naomi Klouda began her career in Alaska journalism after graduating from Gonzaga University at the Anchorage Times in 1983. There she covered obits, courts, features, police and virtually every beat prior to its folding in 1992. She earned a Master of Fine Arts Degree in 1992 in Creative Writing Fiction from the University of Alaska […]

Feb. 3, 2011–Non-Verbal Communication–Jerry Balistreri

Have you ever met someone who seems to know what you’re thinking before you say it? Someone with that “special something” that makes them seem like they’re totally in tune with people? Join us as professional educator and trainer Jerry Balistreri demystifies the world of non-verbal communication, or “tells.” Reading the tells is a skill […]

Jan. 3, 2011–Alaska Statehood 50th Anniversary Grants–Sarah Hurst

Journalist, author and translator Sarah Hurst will speak on January 6 about some large projects she worked on that were funded by Alaska Statehood 50th Anniversary grants. She wrote a play about Alaska history for schools called A Native Lad and later, with the help of nine Alaskan artists, created a graphic novel version of […]