What is a Minimum Viable Product? Meaning and Benefits of the MVP

After our team had launched the CityFalcon MVP, we got feedback from clients and realized that users required even more unique features. Little by little, CityFalcon grew bigger and its scope grew wider. Some languages and frameworks bring projects to life much faster than others. For example, a large number of startups choose Ruby and PHP because they have many in-built solutions that reduce time-to-market tremendously. From the inception of your idea to the MVP release, every post on social media, every speech about your soon-to-be product should warm up your target audience. And when it’s released your audience should feel a wave of excitement that the product is already on the market.

This MVP quickly and efficiently determines if a proposal is viable without significant cost or risk. At ScienceSoft, we have established processes and pre-selected teams with all the tech knowledge and skills to deliver your MVP – from initial design to development and launch – in a speedy and lean mode. ‘Piecemeal’ MVP – creating a product/a custom application version comprising its basic features out of ready-made elements . Later, you are likely to update or replace the reused parts. The number of MVP development steps and their duration will vary depending on the complexity and novelty of software and a type of a minimum viable product.

minimum viable product project management

The MVP quickly and efficiently determines if a proposal is viable without significant cost or risk. Understand the market – whether it be College students, file sharers or music lovers the market need must be validated.

Step Five: Use the various elements of the MVP development technique

Keep your own goals in mind when creating an MVP as well, do not focus exclusively on what the end users want. You have to know what are you trying to achieve, and what is the importance of the product for your business development. If you have the answer to that question, you already have a good base for your MVP. You know what the first version of your software needs, so now you can draft the plan based on your business goals and on your knowledge of target users. As I mentioned before, MVP is a product that will be further developed in the future , you do not have to worry that something is missing from it, as it can be added later by the developers. Releasing the product early can be beneficial, as users will let you know what should be changed and it will give you an idea of what your future customers expect from you and your product.

Let your product team and the marketing staff research who the potential customer is . To produce any kind of successful product, you must first understand who you are creating it for. For MVP it is not different, and many startups fail because they do not do enough research into their market. We offer a step-by-step guide on how to validate your idea and turn it into a product. Step zero is an introductorion to the main principles and techniques. The eighth and ninth steps are about project management approaches you can use and how you can test a product.

minimum viable product project management

In case of complex MVPs, we first move them through testing and staging environments so that the team can safely introduce changes or catch remaining mistakes before the release. mvp meaning in relationship Single-feature MVP – implementing one key feature of future software that creates the core value. For the optimum MVP development time, costs, efforts, and software reliability.

Minimum Viable Product Template

A minimum viable product, or MVP, is a product with enough features to attract early-adopter customers and validate a product idea early in the product development cycle. In industries such as software, the MVP can help the product team receive user feedback as quickly as possible to iterate and improve the product. As many developers and managers use the minimum viable product concept when working on a project, there are a lot of experts that have their own, individual MVP approaches. It’s not exactly a copy-and-paste process, there is just enough space to make it fit your concept and your company’s philosophy. Even though the core principles are the same for all businesses, there are some things you can do to make yours unique. For example, Hung Nguyen from the Smallpdf company recommends new startups to work on weekly sprints rather than monthly or quarterly to better understand the ongoing process.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – Definition, Meaning and Examples – MoreThanDigital – MoreThanDigital English

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – Definition, Meaning and Examples – MoreThanDigital.

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Customer journey mapping is a way to visualize the customer experience and their potential interaction with your product. During the first step of an MVP development, we recommend you find answers to the most crucial questions about your project idea. If time-to-market is a crucial point for your Minimum Viable Product development, then choose a technology that would save your time and of course money with it. Any technology is just a way of achieving your business goals.

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The new app, website, or extra functionality of exiting projects are nothing but hypotheses. They exist only on paper and wait for their time to be proved. And minimum viable product is the most resource-saving approach for validating those hypotheses, thus, ensuring your project’s success. As a customer, you can either get thousands of users for your app or spend thousands of dollars on marketing and fail to attract users to your final product.

minimum viable product project management

As a result, it’s wise to focus on building a simple MVP and iterate based on initial customer feedback. The PM needs to prevent scope creep and manage stakeholders, driving home the point of putting out a minimum viable product in the first place. https://globalcloudteam.com/ A focus on releasing an MVP means that developers potentially avoid lengthy and unnecessary work. Instead, they iterate on working versions and respond to feedback, challenging and validating assumptions about a product’s requirements.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Plan a Minimum Viable Product

With an MVP, one can find the right audience, pull the ideas based on experience, and save time. Having a core prototype is very important, as the feedback you get on it can determine the future fate of the product. Consider MVP development to be a learning experience, since you may gain valuable knowledge about both your potential clients and your product. The minimum viable product strategy may be used in any business model and can assist any organisation in producing a fantastic end product. The term “minimum viable product” itself was created by Frank Robinson back in 2001 and popularised by Eric Ries in his book “The Lean Startup”. It has become a central concept of the lean startup methodology.

The idea is, depending on the complexity of the project, to release the MVP in a few weeks. Gathering opinions on this initial version is important to efficiently manage the development and future improvements of the final product. The strategy allows it to quickly identify its target audience at a lower cost. The term Minimum Viable Product describes a minimally functional version of a product, interface, or service. It enables a business idea to be brought to market quickly and to test whether it meets the requirements of future users. This process is part of the agile app development MVP framework we use at Clearbridge Mobile for our mobile app development projects.

  • Using a minimum viable brand concept can ensure brand hypotheses are grounded in strategic intent and market insights.
  • The MVP development process allows business leaders to test their product’s value without spending a lot of money or time.
  • The idea is, depending on the complexity of the project, to release the MVP in a few weeks.
  • Basically, MVP is deployed to gather feedback and see whether the product is needed by users at all.
  • Concepts from minimum viable products are applied in other aspects of startups and organizations.
  • For example, will it attract new users in a market adjacent to the market for your existing products?

Coined by Frank Robinson in 2001, and popularized by Eric Ries through his book Lean Startup, the MVP has become a pillar of high-performing product teams all over the world. Why does Apple make some of the most popular products in the world? Why has Netflix not only survived, but thrived beyond their original business model? Many factors contributed, but one common thread is that they all use the MVP. Steve Blank typically refers to minimum viable product as minimum feature set.

Why would you want to define your MVP in the first place?

At my company, I frequently hear the term “MVP” being used by PMs, developers, and designers alike. What exactly does this mean, and why is it so important for agile software development? It is a development technique in which a new product gets just enough core features for it to function. An MVP, or a minimum viable product, is the earliest version of a product that has only required features, enough to deliver the core value and verify it to early customers.

For each user, there will be a story ending, which is the goal for the user (i.e. booking an appointment). It’s possible that you will have more than one category of users. For example, if you have a service appointment booking app, you may have the appointment scheduler and the service technician.

A minimum viable product is a version of a product with just enough features to be usable by early customers who can then provide feedback for future product development. Hiring developers with solid expertise increases your chances to release the MVP in time and on budget. To learn more about hiring developers and validating their experience, read the article How to Outsource App Development Without Failing. You cannot possibly create a good, working MVP if you have no idea what the target market is like.

minimum viable product project management

Validating your hypothesis and collecting sufficient data to understand the risk for your product launch is key. Just like the Dropbox example, a great approach to an MVP is asking the market if they like your idea. It creates a pretty good control over investment where demand metrics can be used before a wholesale commitment of resources.

When not to build an MVP

A ‘flintstone’ MVP – advertising new software and faking the automation of processes you want it to perform, handling them manually behind-the-scenes. High-level design of the final solution (if the MVP won’t be re-built in the future, but further improved in iterations). Identification of business needs and business process improvement options. Customer acquisition (e.g., the number of signups, the number of downloads, customer acquisition cost). When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select.


“The biggest mistake I see people making is in not getting their iterations out to actual users,” Torrance said. In short, the first iteration—the MVP—has to be a reasonable stand-in for the actual product under development. Apple used the first iteration of the iPhone to find out whether consumers would adopt an on-screen keyboard, wanted browser capability on a mobile device, and carry a single device for all purposes. The answers it got are now obvious, as the iPhone model became the foundation for almost all smartphones of the future.

MVP in project management: Getting solutions to market faster

MVP features are the ones that your product can’t live without. The key concept here is maintaining the balance of minimalism and viability. Sloboda Studio has been focusing on MVP development for almost 10 years. Thus, we’ve seen the number of pitfalls waiting for founders at the very beginning. Or even worse – they just don’t have any money for promotion after development. SourceOnce we assign a priority, we should verify if can we fit that many items into the MVP scope?

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