‘Hodl’ ‘Stonks’ ‘To The Moon’: Your Guide to Internet Crypto-Slang

As the name suggests, ‘To the moon’ describes the potential gains that a coin could offer. People use this as a metaphor to show that the prices will sometimes skyrocket, resulting in considerable profits to the person who holds this particular coin or token. Blockchains are the basic underlying structures behind every cryptocurrency. As the name implies, this technology includes blocks of data interlinked on a publicly available network.

  • Keeping this in mind, we have listed and explained five common slang terms doing the rounds in the cryptosphere these days.
  • ‘Bagholder’ refers to someone who continues to hold large amounts of a specific coin regardless of its performance.
  • Even if a whale does not sell off its token for years, it will decrease the market value of that particular cryptocurrency as it will lower the liquidity.
  • Worry no more, here is your quick primer intro to these slangs, after which you will not feel left out from those exclusive crypto communities.
  • A bagholder is an investor who holds a particular coin even when its value is dropping.

As per reports, every halving has significantly impacted bitcoin’s price. I have been in the space for almost 5 years now, but after reading this book, I soon realised I knew very little – NOT ANY MORE – thank you OJ – this has been a real help to me and my followers. I am new to crypto currencies and there so many terms in this book that i didn’t know about. Only after the first 10 pages I am already overwhelmed with so much information. This term is used to describe investors who become obsessed with their coin’s performance.

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A wallet is a digital platform where crypto tokens/coins earned by a person are stored, much like a physical wallet. The process which allows the holders of a particular crypto coin/token to take part in the decision-making processes of the blockchain network. It refers to the act of selling crypto coins or tokens by crowdfunding. This is especially true for a speculative — and still evolving — asset like cryptocurrency.

crypto slang terms

This not only gives you an overview of the terms used day-to-day in the cryptocurrency world but goes deeper to explain their importance and where they fit into the conversation. We will be updating the Ultimate Cryptocurrency Glossary regularly, so don’t be afraid to bookmark this page. And if you come across something not on our list that you think should be, or that you What is a Dividend Growth Model want explained for you, let us know in the comments. The above discussed are some popular slangs of the cryptocurrency marketplace; let’s discuss the famous terms you might not know. You know the struggle you face when you have to pick your favourite flavour out of the three options you have? That’s a similar dilemma or should we say, Trilemma that Blockchain faces!

Ethereum and Ripple were the largest altcoins by market capitalization in February 2020. A fork produces alternative blockchain variants but then the split blockchain operates on various parts of the system simultaneously. A “hard fork” makes legitimate previous transactions null, and inversely; a “soft fork” makes fraudulent transactions formerly valid, but invalid.


The method through which you mine bitcoin or related cryptocurrency, leveraging cryptographic algorithms while helping to address the differential equation inside it. We will look at the top most popular cryptocurrency terms throughout this article, which you’ll need to know and describe what they imply. In this cryptocurrency guide, we’ll cover ten such often used crypto terms, which you should surely know to be called a cryptocurrency expert. It refers to the unit of value used for various purposes in a blockchain network. A common word that refers to the act of measuring the percentage of return that an asset is giving as compared to the initial investment.

The shift is indicative of the metamorphosis taking place in the market for the once-coveted digital images promoted by the likes of Justin Bieber and Madonna. A year ago, Daniel Maegaard, one of the higher-profile collectors of nonfungible tokens, was spending tens of thousands of dollars on CryptoPunks featuring funky-looking people or apes. In the last few months, he’s been buying NFTs that typically sell for less than $2,000. Learn more about the Bitcoin SV fork and how to buy, sell and trade BSV, including a complete list of the exchanges that support it.

crypto slang terms

It refers to the practice of hyping up a commodity/entity with the hopes of gaining large scale support. It leverages implicit advertising strategies, with credible personalities backing up coins in public while creating the notion that they haven’t been made to promote it. A whale is an adjective used to describe investors who hold a large amount of a specific currency.

There are so many crypto terms floating around, and they can all seem like alien concepts to the unacquainted. Fortunately, most of these terms have simple explanations, and with the proper guidance, you can sail through this sea of crypto jargon with complete ease. Keeping this in mind, we have listed and explained five common slang terms doing the rounds in the cryptosphere these days.

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Therefore, to safeguard themselves against lawsuits, most influencers and renowned crypto investors use the term “not financial advice” or NFA in their videos, articles and tweets. This tells people that the coin suggestions are merely opinions, not something you should base your entire investment strategy on. Whales are the most robust and most vulnerable entity in the cryptocurrency marketplace.

crypto slang terms

The first offering that enables the investors to buy or sell a new crypto coin/token. Acronym for Fear Of Missing Out which describes the tendency of people to start investing in assets depending on the tendency of other investors. https://1investing.in/ Investors considering investing in cryptocurrencies should keep in mind crypto terminology and language. Would-be traders can improve their chances of attaining their investment goals by conducting essential research and learning.


NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, which is neither physical nor replaceable. Contrary to the US Dollar, an NFT is a digital token existing virtually on the Internet. Unlike the former, which could be exchanged with another dollar bill of the same value, NFTs are distinctive tokens – thanks to their unique ID.

It feels like the rug has been quickly snatched away from below your feet, and hence the name. Now, when someone falls prey to such a scam, they are known to be rugged.

The basic notion behind scalping is to collect small day-to-day profits instead of waiting for a huge jackpot out of your crypto investments. Primarily, scalping in crypto is what day-trading in the stock market is. Bagholders is an adjective used to describe someone who continues to hold large amounts of a specific coin irrespective of its performance. Bagholders are the kind of investors who believes that someday the value of their coins will rise. Paper hands is a term used to describe an investor who has a low-risk tolerance and will exit a trade at the first sign of trouble. Shilling means promoting any crypto coin through implicit advertising.

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